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Bridge Programme

Helping to improve mental health and wellbeing

Supporting Mental Health & Wellbeing 


The Bridge team supports those struggling with their mental health and wellbeing brought on by living loss, which impacts on daily life from the loss of a job, home, or income and the cost of living changes to the loss of a relationship. The impact these have on an individual’s ability to cope and function on a daily basis and the strain on mental health is very real. It is a very fine line between feeling that you can cope and feeling utterly desperate.  

Our team is here to listen, support and help guide you back to strength and positive wellbeing. We offer a helpline service and for those that need it, a befriending and counselling referral service. 

Our helpline offers a callback service, so if you need to reach out for help, please don't hesitate to call 0800 448 0800 and leave a message for one of our qualified team to call you back. 

It's good to talk. 

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