We are currently dealing with a situation of demand exceeding resource and regretfully for the next few weeks we will not be in a position to receive new calls or make counselling referrals.


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Welcome to the National Bereavement Partnership


The National Bereavement Partnership provides a support helpline, counselling referral and befriending service for all those suffering from bereavement, grief, living loss, mental health issues, and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are deeply saddened by the devastating events that have unfolded in Ukraine. We believe in the strength of an international community and that we should unite in our ambition of building a better world for everyone. Our thoughts are with the thousands of innocent people impacted by these awful events and hope for a swift and peaceful resolution, to bring an end to this needless destruction. If you are impacted in any way by these developments, please call our freephone helpline, we are here to listen, guide and support. 

About Us

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"Research repeatedly demonstrates that support from another human being is closely related to one’s ability to cope through adversity. It decreases the likelihood of long term negative consequences. Providing access to such support is likely to make a significant difference to a substantial number of people during the very challenging aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken to reduce its spread. Even with that support in place, there will be some people that will benefit from more specialist therapeutic support; in an ideal world there would be a smooth transition for people between support and specialist provision. Those providing the support are well placed to link the affected person with the appropriate specialist service. The impact of C-19 will be devastating in so many ways – the psychological impact is one of the impacts that we can be mitigated".


David Trickey - Consultant Clinical Psychologist & Co-Director of the UK Trauma Council



“Our aim is to provide information, advice and support those individuals struggling on a difficult and emotional journey in these unprecedented times.”


Richard Lissack QC


The National Bereavement Partnership 

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